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GreeneSaver - November/December 2011 Issue

I entered some pictures in the GreeneSaver's Calendar contest on a spur of the moment idea, and even though I wasn't chosen to be in the calendar, I did get printed as a GreeneScene for the November/December issue.



Observer-Reporter - June 19, 2011 

While this isn't strictly a photography article, it's about another thing I'm involved in - Southwestern PA Rural Exploration. Check out the site to see more about us, and check out my photography related to our explorations: SWPARE Blog. We're also on Facebook:

The article below concerns one of explorations to the Carmichaels Falls area.... A link to the whole article can be found here: Muddy Creek a rite of passage for many from Carmichaels

...After we return home, I find a brief history of Muddy Creek Falls in a blog, 'SWPA Rural Exploration,' which combines the exploration, photography and writing of three people, Danielle Crooks, Chip Guesman and Evan Williams II...


PHR - Reader's Photo Challenge 2007 (Finalist)

Popular Hot Rodding holds an annual photo challenge for its readers. Its not based on how great the car is, but how great the shot of the car is.

December 2007 Issue



"Danielle Crooks' late-model V-6 Camaro might not be tearing up the drag strip, but thanks to plenty of styling mods (like stripes, spoilers, emblems, ground effects, hood, wheels, and grille), she manages to turn plenty of heads anyway. Lots of color, a great location, an eye for composition, and lots of hard work sets this shot apart from the others."

Popular Hot Rodding - Readers Contest - 2007

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